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We're Celebrating our Marriage on

June 23rd, 2019

Jun 23, 2019, 6:30 PM
בית אנדרומדה,
טיילת מפרץ שלמה 4, תל אביב-יפו


It was Spring 2015. Shelly was working for Long Beach Hillel and Brian was on the Board of Directors. Needing Shirts for an upcoming event and knowing Brian’s background, Shelly reached out asking for help with the design. After a few other chance encounters Brian asked Shelly to join him for a post-passover chametz feast of pizza and beer. After getting to know each other over a few hours Brian’s friend Dylan joined their date and by some miracle Shelly still liked Brian enough to continue hanging out with him.


Since then Shelly and Brian moved to Israel and lived in the beautiful beach city Herzliya, they recently moved to the heart of Washington DC. We cannot wait for the amazing places we will live in and visit in our future together. 

Our Story

About Our Wedding

The Location

Middle Eastern smells, the frenetic mix of old and new, Levantine culture flavored with Europe. The oldest seaport in the world, Jaffa is home to a vibrant multiethnic community of Muslims, Christians and Jews. It was once conquered by Napoleon but, June 23rd, it will be conquered by our wedding. 

The Ceremony

The ceremony will be performed by the reform Rabbi- Daniel Meyer.  The ceremony will include all elements of a traditional Jewish wedding: the chuppah, under which the marriage ceremony places, is a symbol for the home which we will begin to build together. The ceremony itself includes the Erusin (engagement) blessings, the exchange of wedding bands, the Sheva Brachot (the Seven Wedding Blessings), and Brian stepping on the glass (Mazal Tov!) 

What to Expect

The reception will take place at the open air rooftop overlooking the Tel-Aviv skyline, at sunset. You will enjoy food and drinks at the cocktail hour with the bride, groom and their families. Following the ceremony we will move downstairs to Beit Andromeda's air-conditioned indoor hall for dinner and dancing. You may leave your suit at home as Israeli weddings are more causal events than those in the states and involve a lot of dancing. Also you will want to come hungry since there will be a festive meal of very tasty mediterranean inspired dishes. 


getting there

Flying into Israel

You're going to want to book your flights into Ben Gurion Airport [TLV] which is located centrally between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Getting to and from Ben Gurion Airport is generally an easy task with many options available including the train, shuttles, taxis, sheruts (shared taxis), and car rental. Each has its own advantages.


16₪ ($4)


Trains run from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv Yafo throughout the day and night, except on Shabbat when there are no trains (Friday evening through to Saturday evening). 

[Don't Worry it's in English]


15o₪ ($40)


Taxis run 24/7 from the airport to Tel Aviv and cost between 150-190 shekels ($40-$50) depending on the day and time and the number of passengers and suitcases. Taxi drivers have been know to take advantage of tourists, so make sure to ask the person in charge of the taxi queue how much it is and close that price with the driver immediately.


50₪ ($14)


A sherut is a shared taxi, a very popular way of traveling in Israel. From the airport, sheruts run to Tel Aviv, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They can be found on Level G outside Arrivals.

Getting There

Where to Stay

Whether you’re looking for five-star luxury, the coolest hostels, Airbnb, or anything in between, Tel-Aviv Yafo has some of the best accommodations in the Mediterranean. We’ve complied a few of our favorite places to stay during your visit. 

By The Beach







City Center















For larger groups we highly recommend booking your stay using Airbnb.  

Where To Stay
Explore Israel
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